If your asphalt parking lot has exceeded it's life expectancy, let our experienced crews recommend some options for replacement.

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Pothole Repair

We are able to make these asphalt repair:

  • pot holes and bird baths (puddles)
  • surface cracking (oxidation)
  • alligatored areas
  • bumps and high spots
  • utility cuts and trench repairs
  • sunken man holes and storm drains
  • rough asphalt surfaces and seams
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Asphalt Sealcoating

The elements are always working against you to degrade your pavement. Sealcoating provides a layer of protection, blocking out rain water, UV rays and chemicals significantly extending the life of your blacktop.

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Crack Filling

The key to asphalt longevity is protecting the base materials. Over time, these materials settle, causing the surface to crack. If timely repairs are not made, rain and ice will seep in and erode the base materials, leaving you with costly repairs.

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Pavement Marking

Your parking lot is the first thing that visitors see. Fresh and proper pavement markings are the most cost effceint way to instantly improve the curb appeal of your properties. They also help to control traffic speed and flow through your lot, reducing accidents and liability.

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Some of our other services include: storm drain and catch basin repair, sidewalk repair, steel pipe bollard installation and repair, wheel stop/ parking bumper installation and dumpster pad replacement.

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Our Service Area

Our primary service area includes Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. However, we have national and regional customers who use us for multiple locations outside our normal working area.

If you are a property or facilities manager with multiple locations, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to find out more about our pavement management programs.


Next Steps...

If you have a concern with your asphalt pavement don't ignore it. The longer it goes untreated the more costly the repairs can be.

See what others are saying

You saved me thousands!!

I thought I was going to have to completely resurface my parking lot, but your project manager explained that with a couple of small patch repairs and fresh sealcoat you could restore my lot and have it looking like new..... and you did. Thank you for such great service!

Property manager

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